We have never heard anyone complain that their closet is too big or too organized.

The majority of homes these days have bedroom closets, but few of these closets have had significant improvement beyond a single rod for hanging clothing and a single shelf. This one size fits all approach to closet design does not work for the majority of people. Each person is different, each person’s wardrobe is different, so why shouldn’t each person’s closet be different as well? A good closet remodel will reflect your style as well as make your life a little bit easier.

We start with the basics. We look at the size of your closet and what you use it for the most. Is it mainly for clothing? Extra storage? Both? Then JB Interior Remodeling will go over some of the exciting new design ideas that will help make your closet a space unique to you. When we’re done, you’ll be shocked at just how good your old, forgotten closet looks.

You may not think of closets as an opportunity to display style and taste, but you’ll be surprised at just how expressive they can be. We give you everything that you need to get your custom closets looking their very best, and work to establish the look and feel that you’re really going for. When you have control over the layout, materials and finish details of your custom closets, you can bet that you have full control over their style and charm.

You’ll see that we work hard to make sure that your new closets meet your expectations, and that they’re useful and great looking additions to your home.